April 24, 2014

Crash and more stuff in the mail

I managed to crash the FPV250 today. It kind of drifted into a tree somehow. Honestly, looking at the footage you can see it coming from far away but I just didn't pull the sticks right.

I suffered a lot of damage to the nylon screws and plywood plates that build up the center tower. The connector on the video transmitter was bent in a not so pleasant way.

But, to my great surprise, I got some parts from HobbyKing today. Amongst others was parts from the RotorBits series. I ordered some of the pre-drilled "carbon fibre" plates as they seems useful for this kind of builds.

I built up a new tower with two RotorBits sheets and strengthened/repaired the bottom flywood plate. I would have loved to replace that bottom plate with something sturdier but I haven't found a good alternative yet. I would probably need to buy a sheet of carbon and cut it myself. Unfortunately the RotorBits parts are too small. I would have loved to see a 70x50 plate. Maybe even a little larger.

Plate cut out to make room for controller connectors.
Tower with controller and video transmitter.

Mounted on the FPV250 frame.

The RotorBits parts have predrilled holes with 10mm spacing. This is very practical. But, the piece I used is a diagonal piece and the spacing is also diagonal. I would, in this case, have hoped that the spacing would still have been orthogonal to the edges. Because of this I am somewhat restricted to using more RotorBits pieces in this build. Also, the CC3D cannot be mounted properly using the pre-drilled holes this way.

I took it for a test-flight the day after I fixed it. I had repaired the video transmitter connector but unfortunately not good enough and started to break off in-flight. It didn't result in a crash but I am now one video transmitter short.

April 17, 2014

First time FPV

Took the FPV250 for its and my first FPV flight. After having adjusted the quad several times it now feels reliable enough for a FPV noob. And it worked, I didn't crash. Judging from FPV videos online I have some adjustments and a lot of training ahead to get going with the FPV.

April 14, 2014

Bruce reviewed the FPV250

Bruce just published an excellent Bruce-ish review of the FPV250. I couldn't agree more with his criticism. As for me, I've been getting a few minutes here and there to try to adjust the CC3D to get my quad to fly really nicely. Everything in order to dare to take it on my first FPV flight and come back in one piece. And I think I got it now. It was slightly windy today but I could land it without and "cyclic" compensation which feels reliably enough. Next time I'll put my goggles on!

April 10, 2014

FPV250 finished

 The FPV250 is finally finished. The PID adjustments in the controller is not done yet since my one-year-old son is a sleep and we don't want to wake him up at this time. The the hardware is in place, the camera has been rebuilt so the image is not upside down anymore and I have arranged with a case for all the FPV stuff.

You get what you pay for

Sometimes I really hate myself for buying some of the cheap stuff from HobbyKing. The other day while mounting a part on the FPV250 one of the heads on the screws snapped with the screw buried in the plywood. I had to pry it out and of course it damaged the plywood a bit. Still usable but so annoying. Especially when it happened again an hour later.

April 7, 2014

Motors arrived and mounted

I got the ZMR motors from myrcmart for my FPV250 build the other day and sat down to put them in place over the weekend. Took me some 1½ of trial and error to try out different mounting options for the first one then another half an hour to get the three last ones soldered and mounted.

I had some bad luck with one of the motors. It seems to have been bumped in production but it was correctable. I sure hope it will still fly well.

ZMR Motor

April 3, 2014

FPV250 stuff on the way, finally

The package tracker is finally reporting my package from myrcmart to be in Sweden and in transit. It seems to have been stuck with Hong Kong post for over a week. It contains the fundamental parts which are the motors and props. I will however not get it before the weekend.

I received the video transmitter and antennas the other day but I'm still missing on the receiver and nylon standoffs.

I've started the build mounting the camera and the power system and updated the FPV250 page.