March 28, 2014

Servo connector crimping tool

The crimping tool is one of those tools you should have from the beginning. Being able to adapt the length of your servo leads helps a lot in improving your builds.

As mentioned earlier I ripped away the S.BUS decoder from the tri-copter since I expected a release of the KK 2.1++ S.BUS firmware. But it never came. Instead I set out to re-solder the servo connectors on the decoder to make the leads shorter and fit better on the tri-copter body. I have re-soldered servo connectors before and I know it sometimes doesn't work. What happens is that the solder flows into the connector and prevents the male connector from entering the female and it can't be connected properly (obviously). Soldering is an option if you don't have a crimping tool available, but since I had a lot of connectors to re-solder I figured I wouldn't succeed after having broken a few.

The other day the crimping tool from hobbyking arrived. Word has it that the hobbyking tool is good enough, but if you wan't the real deal you should get this one.

I had the opportunity to try it out and actually complete the tri-copter setup tonight. I must say the result when crimping with the hobbyking tool is so-so. It is maybe a millimeter to short and the result must sometimes be corrected afterwards.

As you can see in the picture the first connector got a bit ugly. I took it a part and corrected that after the picture was taken.

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