March 3, 2014

HobbyKing service via Fiji was excellent, but...

Only one hour after I saw the hobbyking daily telling that they will stop shipping via Fiji since there has been complaints, I got my package via Fiji, to my doorstep.

I picked the cheap shipping option for this order, which normally does not include home delivery. It resulted in the Fiji shipping. Since I've heard about Fiji shipping being slow I actually ordered a few small parts again, just to get them sooner. It turns out the Fiji shipping was faster that the Singapore and Malaysia shipping. The latter usually takes 20-26 days (cheap option) but the Fiji only took 16.

So what was in the package?

A Fatshark FPV camera with pan and tilt. I haven't decided if this is going on the Bixler or on the Tri-copter. Forum posts indicates the Mobius should not be used for FPV since it is not stable enough, but firmware updates should have fixed that issue.

A HK 450 tail assembly. This is for the 450 scrap build, which is currently on hold waiting for this particular part.

3 Corona DS929HV servos. These are for use as cyclic servos on my CopterX 250. I've actually ordered Align servos from Helikraft, but I have the impression they will never show up, so I go with a cheaper option for this cheap helicopter.

And the usual extras; 14AWG wires, short servo lead extensions, screws and battery straps.

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