March 17, 2014

Almost finished 250, but no flying today

The elevator servo on my CopterX 250 died in-flight this summer and I finished the repairs yesterday evening. I replaced all cyclic servos with Corona DS929HV and the gyro with a 3GX MR. The previous setup was all CopterX parts, servos and the 3x1000 gyro with a standard 6ch receiver. The receiver was a quite clumsy orangerx and got a good deal on the 3GX MR gyro. The gyro is really small and setup is quite easy compared to the standard 3GX.

One big issue with the servos are that the elevator servo is slightly to long and the canopy does not attach well on the canopy mounting bar. I'll have to find some great solution to that.

I intended to give it a test-spin today. But the weather surprised us all and the winter came back.

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