February 5, 2014

Tri-copter tail build, first attempt

Yesterday I started building the X900 tricopter. I started out with the tail boom and electronics. The power-leads to the ESCs needs to be extended by about 30cm and the motor connecters changed to the 2mm connector of the ESC. A bigger connector could be used but the ESC is only rated at 20A because of the connector and a bigger connector would make installation of the ESC into the boom difficult.

To install the ESC (plus servo and LED-cables) into the boom you need to cut a slot into one of the booms sides. This is because the outer end of the tail boom is blocked by the yaw-mechanism and there are three screws traversing the boom. The innermost screw holds the landing gear in place and determines the outermost position of the ESC (because of the big capacitor). Because of this limitation, the motor wires and/or the ESC wires are about 3mm too short. I discovered this too late.

My choice of servo (BMS 385DMAX) does not fit into the servo holder. Nothing a bit of filing won't fix. Also, it cannot be installed with the rubber dampers. This makes it impossible to install the lower connecting bolt which holds the servo-mount steadily together.

Today. I will take apart the tail assembly to extend the motor wires, apply some insulation to the ESC capacitor which might touch the landing gear screw and remount the servo to make the connecting bolt fit.

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