February 18, 2014

Seriously HobbyKing!

I ordered a few parts from HobbyKing a few days back, mainly a fatshark camera and a 450 tail rotor set. I just got the shipping notice and the tracking number from them. And this time they are sending my package via Fiji. FIJI? Does HongKong post really hate you that much after the LiPo issues? Normally I calculate about 3 weeks delivery time with HobbyKing, but this time its going to take a lot longer I suspect.

And seriously HobbyKing? How hard can it be to focus on the one thing you're doing rally great, namely bringing low price product to the modeling hobby? Why do you need to promote sexism? Do you really think it will bring you more customers? I doubt it's the marketing staff that has come up with this idea.

I personally think that sexism has nothing to do with modeling or any other hobby for that matter. For those who want to see naked ladies, please go to google.com instead of hobbyking.com.

Get it together already hobbyking!

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