February 18, 2014

New setup on 3GX on 250?

The plan for tonight was to finally fix what seemed to be a bad setup of the 3GX in my Align 250. I had troubles with the machine last summer as it tilted violently forward during spool up. However, the problem was not that hard to fix.

To prepare for the 3GX setup I started to remove the main blades. At this point I noticed that they were not very tightly fitted, at all. I built the machine some time back and I can't remember if I did anything to properly lock down the main blade screws. The screws on the 250 DFC does not have lock-nuts but are instead screwed into the threaded lower part of the blade grip and there is nothing to lock it into place.

Now it has some locktite applied and I tested to hover the machine indoors, which seems to work fine. Onto to the next maintenance project...

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