February 3, 2014

Missing 450 parts, let's start on the X900

I got some spare time today to continue to 450 scrap build. But after putting together the top and bottom body halves and adjusting the gyro settings I quickly realized that the tail hub I had planned to use is not in a good condition. I used that hub previously and the helicopter flew very good (until I crashed it). The tail was not affected by the crash but when I looked at it today I decided it's a no-go. I'll have to order a new one and the build is probably shelved for another three weeks.

What to do now? I have a second hand FPV kit on the way and no multi-copter to put it on. So I used the few minutes I had to get started with the X900 which has been in its box for a while. And most importantly, I recently got the ESCs, reciever and e-fuelgauge for it and motors, controller and sbus decoder arrives tomorrow.

X900 PartsHere's a part overview. The larger parts give a good impression. Quality seems higher that T-Rex clone parts from hobbyking (which I have a lot of experience with). Both the glass fiber cut outs and the  booms looks well made. However the screws and the ball caps looks less well.

X900 minor assembliesI've only put together the minor parts so far. I'll wait until I have connectors, wires and servo leads ready on the ESCs before putting everything together. The parts fit well but I already realise that putting the ESCs in the booms might become an issue.

On the image I've added the Afro slim for reference. How did the designer of this package think? Ok, the board layout make is fit well in the boom. But they knew which length of booms this would probably go into. Now, the servo lead is longer than the power cables, but not even those are long enough! Secondly, the boom will have no less than five screws/bolts traversing it, four verical and one horizontal. I'm considering not placing the cables through the ends on the boom and drill holes on their sides instead. But how till this affect stability?

This machine will get the name "stab-copter" which one of my colleges exclaimed when seeing the design of the landing gears.

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