January 31, 2014

More stuff!

I got some stuff from HobbyKing today. This time, delivery took 23 days with the cheapest shipping option. It used to take 10-15 days, but ever since LiPo-gate they pack everything up, send it somewhere else by ship and post it in that country instead. Even if it does not contain any LiPo:s. My last packages has gone through Malaysia. Maybe Hong Kong post does not accept parcels from HobbyKing any more?

Anyway, this was not a big package but it contained a lot of stuff. Primarily stuff for my future tri-copter build. I decided to try out the Afro-slim ESC:s. Here they are along with wires. More stuff will arrive in another shipment. Edit: The servo is not for the tri but for a 450.

Parts for my Starmax F-35 which took it's last flight right before winter. I had the impression that the motor had turned weak and could manage to make it fly. The takeoff ended in a crash and the motor seems to have lost a phase. This is the replacement EDF unit with motor and ESC. Also new hinges for the elevators.

Here are a few spare parts that I didn't really need for the latest 450 Scrap build, but the result will look slightly better with them, should I choose to use them...

And, as always, the stuff you never know if you'll make any good use of. Some screws, hinges, clevises, heat shrink and wire mesh guards.

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