January 12, 2014

CopterX 450 motor running hot

I ordered a new CopterX 450 PRO DFC v5 after a late season crash since the crashed one was too badly damaged. I even had to order a new ESC and motor for the new setup. This time, I went with the CX-ESC-40A and the CopterX 430XL (CX450-10-04) motor. The rest of the electronics is non-CopterX. It took me some time to get started with the build, but in november I did my first test flight. After the flight I noticed that the system had drawn a surprising amount of power. I didn't pay more attention to it at the moment since I had problems with the swashplate and blade tracking.

Yesterday a friend of mine tested out his new, of the same model with the same power system. This was indoors so we just did some hovering and adjustments to the radio. However, after the flight, of about 5 minutes, the battery and motor was hot and the battery cells was down to 3.4 volts. Bad for the battery and the hot motor is indicating something is not well. We speculated a lot in belt tension and so forth but did not reach any conclusion.

Today i spent some time on google and found a lot of speculative answers in various forums. One was that the ESC was incorrect since the CopterX motor is supposed to be a 8 pole motor. I have now tested that, I have set the timing to middle (was low, but still unsure if it is right) and put in the usual 3S 2200mAh battery and took it out into the -12 degrees winter in the garden.

And here are the results: After 70 seconds hovering the battery had turned warm. Motor was cold, but that might be because of the air temperature. I had a 3.9 volt per cell reading which I think is low for 70 seconds. And the charger tells me I have used 516 mAh. This gives an average current 27A while hovering. I think this is high. But then again, my battery (Turnigy nano-tech) is rated at 25-50C which should be able to deliver 55A without getting hot.

Conclusion so far: My CopterX setup is bad and my battery pack is also bad.

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